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Broker Opinion of Value

Client: Bayview Loan Servicing, Miami, Florida

Services: Bank Appraisals & Receiverships for REITS

Retail bank branches are a specialty appraisal service that is based on a number of criteria exclusive to bank branches. Within this practice, we also assist clients with alternative highest and best use scenarios. Whether it is a single branch or a portfolio, we have the tools and the resources to assist with bank branch appraisals throughout the United States. Here, we have provided numerous evaluations through a standardized Broker of Opinion Value report over the past several years to Bayview Loan Servicing encompassing all commercial property types throughout the United States for REIT properties.

Golf Communities

Client: Jack's Bay Golf Course, Eleuthera, Bahamas

Services: Golf Course and Supporting Amnenties Appraisal

CRE Valuation Services has appraised several golf communities including Jack's Bay Golf Course in Eleuthera, Bahamas. Golf Course valuations require careful analysis to ensure best use is met, or when seeking other potential opportunities including redevelopment or expansion of current use.

Industrial Properties

Client: Cornerstone Industrial Minerals Corporation, Lakeview, Oregon

Services: Industrial Appraisal

Industrial properties are the cornerstone of many of the products we use everyday. This industry is expanding into other property sub-types including industrial and flex space (office/warehouse) every year at a rapid pace. New and innovative uses for space including creative design and layout modifications continue to stretch the existing landscape of industrial properties. Our willingness to see and apply these new concepts aids in our valuations. 

Government Valuation Services 

Client: Miami Parking Authority, Miami, Florida 

Services: Highest and Best Use Valuation

Institutional properties range from government to non-profit organizations that occupy and operate a wide range of services from a variety of property types. Understanding value applications within this not-for-profit property type is an important distinction only a few firms have the expertise and specialized knowledge to assist clients. We have a proven track record in this area.

Mixed-Use Properties

Client: Jupiter Riverwalk, Jupiter Florida

Services: Portfolio Appraisal

Mixed-use properties are an up and coming property type as many government jurisdictions are recognizing the benefits of a zoning designation allowing for a live, work and play concept. Development opportunities are very strong and requested in walkable communities. Feasibility studies are particularly important in determining the right balance for a proposed mix-used development.

Retail Properties

Client: Brandsmart USA, Miami and Broward Counties, Florida

Services: Retail Appraisal

Retail is a property type that is undergoing significant changes. Online retailing giants have altered the retail landscape for the foreseeable future. This reality has forced retailers to adapt quickly. Understanding these very real changes and providing advisory services to our retail based clients assist them with well researched market data to make informed decisions.

Hotel Properties

Client: S Hotel Jamaica, Montego Bay

Services: Hotel Appraisal

Hospitality properties take all shapes, forms and sizes. From upscale hotels, motels and resorts, to camping and other similar tourist based properties, we have a solid team to ensure the right data is applied to the right property type. We take the time to understand the property owners business so we can ensure every feature of their property is included in the valuation.

Resort Properties

Client: The Cove, Eleuthera, Bahamas

Services: Resort Appraisal

Resort properties are a specialty appraisal in which we have an abundance of experience fulfilling. We have completed a number of assignments throughout the Caribbean and resort communities within the US. This resort was a recently renovated property in the Bahamas.

Retail Bank Branch

Client: Regions Bank (formerly Hancock Bank) - Various locations throughout Florida

Services: Portfolio Appraisal

Retail bank branches are a specialty appraisal service that is based on a number of criteria exclusive to bank branches. Within this practice we also assist clients with alternative highest and best use scenarios. Whether it is a single branch or a portfolio we have the tools and the resources to assist with bank branch appraisals throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

Medical Office Building

Client: Baptist Hospital, West Palm Beach, Florida

Services: Medical Office Building Appraisal

Medical office buildings, surgical centers and similar such facilities require specialized practice and we excel in providing our clients with appraisal reports specific to their specialized property type. We recognize the additional cost of building such properties along with the higher rental and sales rates associated with medical related properties.

Equestrian Estates

Client: Winchester Equestrian, Winchester, Kentucky

Services: Equestrian Property Appraisal

Many of our customers earn their living from agricultural endeavors ranging from equestrian, kennels, land conservation efforts, forestry and many other similar uses. Due to the many specialized areas within this unique property niche and given the way buyers in this market respond, clients need the experience, knowledge and wherewithal our team and partners can provide.

Agricultural Properties

Client: Apopka Nursery Sorrento, Orlando, Florida 

Services: Nursery A

Agricultural including farming and nurseries are often misunderstood due to the many factors that weigh into every appraisal.  The many reasons we have appraised agriculture properties include transferring property to the next generation, purchasing or selling real estate, carrying out estate planning, settling an estate dispute, and gifting property to name a few.  

Retail Restaurants - QSRs

Client: Wendy's Restaurants, International locations

Services: Retail Restaurant Appraisal

Restaurants, public houses, taverns and similar food services operations vary widely and are located throughout every part of US. We pride ourselves in ensuring we apply local knowledge combined with national depth to provide a thorough valuation that is specifically related to the type of restaurant we are appraising.


Client: Ocean View Marina, Paradise Island, Bahamas

Services: Marina Appraisal

Marinas properties vary widely in size, description, type and location.  Items such as the depth of the water in a marina, having both wet and dry docks, and whether a marina is full service (containing fuel docks, storage building, restaurants, bars, boat service, and office space) can impact the appraisal drastically.  We have appraised several marinas in both the states and the Bahamas.


Client: Laurentian Apartments, Duluth, Minnesota

Services: Multifamily appraisal

Multifamily including condominiums, apartments, and mixed-use properties require close attention to detail in the ever-changing aspect of the market.  The appraiser must possess the knowledge of appraising high-rise, mid-rise, mixed-use, subsidized and complete community portfolios when appraising multifamily properties.

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